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Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken is the world's best restaurant and we are looking for the best franchisees. Our developed system is centered in great locations that produce a breathtaking atmosphere. We design a unique building, unique product, and a unique owner. We are looking for people who can represent Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken in all places across INDIA.

We are interested in developing Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken franchises within the country, but to ensure quality and the growth of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken brand, we choose to focus on a limited number of markets each year. In this way, we can make sure that our franchisees receive the best possible support, and they can deliver the best customer satisfaction to their customers.

The Franchise Relationship :

The franchise relationship is based on a contract between a franchisor and a franchisee. The franchise relationship is detailed in your franchise disclosure document, agreements other licenses and the operating manuals. There is no fiduciary relationship between a franchisor and franchisee. However, they work closely and are interdependent partners with their roles defined.

Types of Franchises

  • Single Unit Franchisee : A Single Unit Franchise is characterized by a location owned and operated by you as a single franchisee under a single unit agreement. A single unit franchise is supervised by the franchisee.

  • Developer/Multi-Unit Franchisee : A Developer/Multi-Unit Franchisee is characterized by its advantages such as lower cost of acquisition per location, better-controlled growth in markets, fewer franchisees to work with, franchisees are more sophisticated with a stronger financial condition and can reduce the cost to support each location. In this ownership structure, multiple locations are owned by one franchisee, with each location having a single unit agreement. The developer has the right and the obligation to develop locations that are with a fixed number of units, set time for development and a well-defined area.

Franchise Arrangement :

The franchise arrangement is an arrangement whereby as a franchisor you license the franchisee, in exchange for a fee, to exploit the system developed by you if acting in the capacity of a franchisor. The franchised system is generally a package including the intellectual property rights.

  • The rights to use the trademark for marketing.
  • Trade-names, logos, competitive advantage and goodwill associated with business.
  • Any inventions such as patents or designs, trade-secrets.
  • Know-how the business and any relevant prospectuses.
  • Advertising .
  • Copyrighted works relating to the manufacture, sale of goods or the provision of services to customers. It is recommended that you watch out for your intellectual property which is unique to your business and provides your business with its competitive advantage and market position.

NIRUPAMA K - COO (Chief Operating Officer)

#2-52/2/24, Plot No.24, Megha Hills Colony,

Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500081

Cell Phone: +91 9963906516

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